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Intometer is a 3D glasses free holographic equipment
that can with firmware implement CT and MR scans. Unique project Intometer was created by putting together people from audiovisual and IT world.

From CT and MR machines it can make more precise and dependable copy of the scans in space, using scanner and display device. It can therefore replace current 2D chrono-somatic displays.

Currently the there is a display of computer tomography scans and magnetic resonance in 3D format on 2D displays using display technology Independent Sub-pixel Drive.


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How it works

Our team

We are a team of experienced people that have connected behind a common project INTOMETER. The audio-vision and art specialists, IT programmers and experienced project managers.

Team members are working separately, developing film works, video games, virtual and extended reality, implementation of net operators into households and managers from the financial sector.

INTOMETER is a project that was created based on a start-up ZDESIRE, which was among top 10 in the 2014 entrepreneur idea of the year contest.



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